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He speaks!!!

Now listen...

29 December
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Welcome to my Livejournal. I was "the_teflon_god" and "totallydumbazz", but I left the site mainly due to LJ drama becoming real life drama. Aint that some shit?

Anyway, intro to Lenny 101 begins. I am your professor. Lenny.

Sports and Wrestling. I like both alot. I am a sports and wrestling nerd. Am a diehard Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, University of Miami and Florida Panthers fan. Yes, the Panthers still exist. Yes, I know I am one of 200 people who cares about Marlins baseball and Panthers hockey. I love watching wrestling for the athleticism and entertainment it provides. How "real" or "fake" you believe it is or is not isnt my concern. My favorites are The Motor/Murder City Machine Guns, Edge, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and Rob Van Dam.

I like my video games and play my Xbox360 often. Call of Duty is an amazing game. SD vs. Raw and 2K Games are great series as well. Love throwback games and Grand Theft Auto.

For movies, I prefer my comedies, action movies like "Shoot em up" or the "raw in your face flick" like Alpha Dog, American History X or Requiem for a Dream. Anything Quentin Tarantino or Darren Aronofsky is good too...

I am a "heart on the sleeve" kinda guy.

I am a large gentleman. Am I skinny? No. But I am large boned and wont lie to get a few numbers... I am not disgusting, just a tad chubby. With my clothes on, I look like an attractive linebacker in my humble opinion. You'd be surprised how many chicks will blow you off for size but not looks.

My humor is coarse, very random, pun filled and nasty sometimes. I like being funny. I tell loads of jokes. Life should only be serious when it's time to actually be serious. Maybe thats why the doc says I am very healthy while people with no extra pounds have all these health issues?

I'm very smart. I graduated high school at the top of my class, but college bored me to tears. I wasnt into it. I am going back. I am too smart to be in remedial jobs the rest of my life...

You?? I would like you to openminded and if you aren't judgmental and can understand not everyone believes as you do, we should be straight. I'm open and totally cool with any kind of person. I don't judge people. That's meant for someone far greater than I am, feel me? I prefer for anyone I am friends with to be able to tolerate all kinds of music because I can be playing Techno, Jazz, Metal, Industrial, Hip-hop, Pink Floyd or whatever else I am in the mood for... Openmindedness, please. :)

Any questions??? Ask away. :)